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3 bin laundry hamper – Raise your hand to anyone who does not give you laziness to put the washing machine! … The truth is that for the common mortal, the daily task of washing clothes is often chaotic and tedious, often because there is no orderly space and Comfortable where to carry out all the tasks that entails. And it is that doing the laundry involves not only putting the clothes in the washing machine but also having a place to store the cleaning products, leave the clothes separated by colors or delicate fabrics before washing, put that garment to soak to apply a product Put it in the washing machine or wash it by hand, dry it in a dryer or hang it on the clothesline and finally iron it and hang it.

Although in the Nordic countries 3 bin laundry hamper leave the houses. And are locate in specific establishments or common areas where everyone is wearing their clothes. In the Mediterranean countries this option is usually unsuccessful. Here the most common option is to have a washing machine in the house. But given the increasingly small size of today’s dwellings. The complete process is not done in the same room, so in the end we usually have the Dirty laundry on one side, washing machine on another, iron on another. And the portable clothesline (when we have no patio), scattered anywhere.

Many times we keep and organize things without taking into account the comfort of the day to day. It is therefore advisable to prepare a short list of the tasks involved in the laundry. As well as the order in which we perform them. So that we can determine where to place the laundry baskets, soaps and detergents so that we are within reach of the hand. And process it is practical and follow our daily routine. For example, whenever possible, place a small sink or sink next to the washing machine to wash delicate items by hand . And distribute 3 bin laundry hamper of clothes under the counter to separate it by colors.

Since in this space we spend much of our time, decorating it in a neutral. And welcoming way will make the task lighter and less arduous. In this sense, we suggest using soft colors such as mint green or pastel blue, or neutral as the pearl gray. Combining all of them with a lot of white to obtain bright, cheerful and clean spaces. However, if your personality is more vital. And you prefer to give color, do not hesitate to use it. After all, it’s all about being at ease3 bin laundry basket,

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