Bear Rug Material Ideas

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Bear Rug – Before I imagined that when someone mentioned a bear rug, concerned a dead animal on the floor in front of the fireplace. While that may still prove to be true, the fact is that there are different ways to get the same look without the skin of the animal on the floor of the house.

It is increasingly common to find bear rug made of cotton, wool or even synthetic fabrics. And of course, most do not even have bear form. Many of these rugs have designs, words or other impressions you would not find in any bears in the forest. Wool surely be the most common substitute used to mimic the bearskin today. While this saves the life of the bear, also it can bring problems to the buyer if not careful enough. Many people are allergic to wool, so before you buy make sure it is not, or collate the material before buying it. If you are allergic to wool, there are other options for you as cotton.

Many people can tolerate bear rug made of cotton without any problems and of course these come in various designs, patterns and drawings. The color is, of course, another advantage when buying a carpet bear a synthetic material. This way you can combine the carpet with any decor you have in the house.

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