Beautiful Striped Outdoor Rug

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Black And White Striped Outdoor Rug

Striped outdoor rug – The floors are no longer just going on that goes under the furniture. Even a humble home floor design raises questions about sustainability, economy and durability. Green flooring can be the most beautiful choice. A rug can cover the entire floor, or part of another carpet. Tiles can “age” of a room to complement a historical or ethnic decor.

Wall to wall striped outdoor rug has given way to the versatility and artistry of area rugs — some of them almost large enough to completely cover the floor of a room. Heirloom, hand-loomed or hooked rugs are beautiful against the hardwood or tile floors and can be moved at will.

Wall-to-wall carpet is still a choice for builders who install plain concrete floors, even polished and stained concrete floor is a trendy design choice for casual rooms and industrial design areas. If you have wall-to-wall carpet in a home with unfinished concrete floors or in a rental, choose to cover it with one or more area rugs. Mixed patterns and layers is a different look with striped outdoor rug or leopard, juxtaposed against the antique kilims or artist’s signature contemporary rugs. We present new ideas in future posts. See you soon!

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