Build Floating Corner Desk Ideas

Author: Scott J. Bennett | Categories: Corner Desk comments
Floating Corner Desk Minimalist

Floating Corner Desk – A floating desktop is essentially just a tabletop with a rim mounted on a flat surface such as a wall, without the use of legs, giving the appearance that “floating”. Floating shelves and bedside tables are quite common but as desks tend to have more weight imposed on them on the shelves, you have to build your floating corner desk strong enough so that it can withstand the test of time. This table will have to be permanently mounted on a wall half-timbered, directly on wooden poles that form the structure of the wall. For this project, you will need just a desk corner and a pair of wooden filing cabinets. The first step is to paint the top of the desk and filing cabinets in white. Remove the legs of the floating corner desk, and then add some props in the back corner, in this case, they have been made with metal plates and inserts a railing. Cut out the components of the table of a sheet of wood finish 3/4-inch grade. These should include a plate top and bottom desk measures 20 by 50 inches, two side plates measuring 20 by 6 inches and a mounting plate then measuring 6 inches by 48 1/2.

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