Change The Height Of Children Swivel Desk Chair

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Vintage Swivel Desk Chair

Swivel desk chair – Pottery Barn makes various types of swivel desk chairs with adjustable height. This allows for proper ergonomic alignment between your desk, computer and chair. Ceramics Children adjustable chairs have either a lever or a steering wheel that can be used to adjust the chair. Either way is pretty simple, and none of the methods require the use of tools.

Swivel desk chair with an adjustable lever. Locate the lever on the chair. It will be on the side, under the seat. Hold the lever down, and the seat is lower. Adjust the seat height by moving the seat up or down. The seat will only move when the lever is held down. Release the lever when the seat is at the right height. Sit in the chair to ensure that the seat is at the right height for you.

Swivel desk chair with adjustable knob. Locate the adjustable knob on the front of the chair. The steering wheel is directly under the seat. And then turn the dial to the left, or counterclockwise to loosen it. When the knob is loosen, the seat will lower down. Raise or lower the seat to the correct position. Keep his position in place with one hand while you pull the knob with the other hand. Finally, turn the dial to the right or clockwise to tighten it.

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