How To Clean Chevron Outdoor Rug

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How To Clean Chevron Outdoor Rug – chevron rugs have become popular with interior designers and homeowners alike. They are affordable, stylish and above all easy-care. With proper care, an chevron outdoor rug will last for years, giving beauty and warmth to any room, whether indoors or out. Follow these steps to learn how to clean your chevron outdoor rug.

Prevent dirt and debris from getting on the chevron outdoor rug in the first place. During severe weather seasons, roll the rug up and store it. Even if the rug is out on the porch, have a shoe scrubber in the doorway and encourage those who come in to wipe away the extra dirt from their shoes. Double rooms go for muddy shoes to keep an chevron rugs clean. Read the manufacturer’s instructions if you happened to save them from the original purchase or locate the manufacturer’s website. Many have cleaning instructions available online.

Remember pad for when you go to clean chevron outdoor rug. Before using any of the rug, it’s padding underneath, make sure it can withstand the same cleaning technology you plan to use for the rug. You do not want to take the garden hose to a rug on the pad absorbs liter of water and take a week to dry out. Move the rug to a patio, preferably one with a slight inclination to clean the rug. This allows you to use a garden hose to spay rug and the slope will drain the water out of the rug naturally. Make a solution of soap and water and gently clean any dirty spots with a long-handled brush. Spray the entire chevron rugs off with a garden hose and let it dry in the sun. Turn the rug over and let the other side to dry if needed. Do not replace the rug on the ground is still wet, because it can create mold.

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