How To Clean A Faux Fur Rug

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Faux fur rug – Faux fur rugs are popular as they are much cheaper than real fur, no harm animals during the creation of carpets and are more present in department stores and home furnishings stores. Many people might think that chemical cleaning is the only way to get the faux fur clean, but the chemicals used in dry cleaning can actually stiffen and reduce the softness of your faux fur blanket. Instead wash the carpet in your washing machine with the proper care routine.

Turn off the washing machine on with a large load size and cold water setting. Pour your usual mild detergent, using the faux fur rug type designed for delicate and underwear. Make sure the detergent contains no bleaching agents.

Open the blanket and placed in the washing machine. Let the machine completes the washing. Remove the moist carpet and hang or lay flat to dry. Never put the blanket in the dryer, as this may cause the faux fur rug t to fall apart. Carry the rug outdoors and shake to release all loosened parts of the coat.

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