Cloth Laundry Bags: Ideal Solutions For Dirty Clothes

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Cloth Laundry Bags Round Mesh

Cloth laundry bags – The clothes dirty every day we visit is imperative when you go home. And you’re used to your parents pick up your laundry room. There are many solutions for dirty clothes that you can try. But one that occupies very little, very practical and that you can do yourselves is to create a bag for dirty clothes to hang it behind the door. Accumulation outside the closet: This means that we are going to be unable to find the ones we need. And we are going to waste time every day or get in trouble (that shirt to go to a wedding that has not washed for months). Smells in the room: If you leave socks long in the room you will give that special aroma of leonera. Be very steady in removing the dirty clothes from being in the middle.

White / light and colored dirty cloth laundry bags: It is essential to separate the light clothes from the colored clothes to avoid that the second. If it fades in the washing machine, will ruin our clothes during the washing cycle. If you fade a garment on light clothing is very difficult to recover. So we need to separate the washing machines. And the best way to do it is to separate the dirty laundry. The ideal answer I think I have found when I see this bag. Or basket that can be hung behind the door of our room or in some other sector that we want.

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What do we need? It is very simple to do and we only need to get the fabric we like most. Then, we recommend a fabric of colors that are a little dark and somewhat strong. A pair of thick eyelets that can hold the weight of our laundry and some thread and needle, or sewing machine. To make cloth laundry bags it will be necessary to mark two lines of cut with the help of the chalk or the soap the whole length of the shirt. Thus we will remove the sleeves and we will give uniform form to the bag.

This is a bag so they can put all their clothes together in one place. Without everything being around like flowers in a field . But the bag will also do with our comfort in mind. Firstly because the bottom can be open and thus empty the bag without complication and secondly. We will not have to waste time looking for socks and other garments throughout the room, which we gain time.

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