Cloth Laundry Basket Ideas

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Awesome Cloth Laundry Basket

Cloth laundry basket – Baskets made with natural materials such as palm or bamboo, give a natural touch to the bathroom. Thanks to their rigid structure, they are more comfortable than those made in other materials. Although they also have certain disadvantages compared to these. If they are not well finished, it is convenient to cover them internally with a cotton cloth that avoids hooks and can be washed. In addition if they are not varnished. We will have to try to put them in a dry place so that the base does not spoil. Textile baskets are less traditional, more modern. We can also find them with a wide variety of designs. The most popular are those with two-color geometric patterns and delicate graphic designs.

Models with handle are undoubtedly the most comfortable. Allow us to transport them with more comfort. The cloth laundry basket that can be found in any store dedicated to household items can also be made in other materials such as felt, plastic braid or metal. We can choose not only the one that is more functional. But the one that best adapts aesthetically to our bathroom. Nobody better than ourselves to know how often we put the washing machine and how much laundry we store. To determine which basket is best suited to our needs. We can put one in each bathroom, including that of children. So that they get used to picking up their clothes from a young age.

To start making your cloth laundry basket, you first need to cut a total of two round pieces, two with rectangular shape and the handles. Take a large object with a circular shape that you have around the house and that serves as a measure to cut the two round pieces. Place it on the fabric and draw a circle over it. Leaves 1 cm of contour, which will serve later for seams. Cut another circle of stronger fabric, of equal size, to reinforce the bottom of your basket.

The dimensions of the rectangle depend on the measurement of the circumference and the circles. Measure it and leave an extra 2 cm of margin for the seams.  You can decide the depth of your cloth laundry basket. Cut the rectangle of the height you want.  Cut four strips for handles of 4.5 cm wide by 25 cm long, and two other 12 cm by 50 cm. Iron all the pieces before sewing, this facilitates the following steps. The first step is to sew the handles. Fold the fabric to the center and make a nice stitch with the machine.

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