How About Diy College Laundry Bags?

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College Laundry Bags Color

College laundry bags – If we want to save and therefore do not put the washing machine every day, it is normal to accumulate the clothing we have used. The problem is when we do not know where to put these dirty clothes so that it does not interfere or interrupt the organization of our house. The baskets are ideal to pick up our dirty clothes because they are spacious and with only use one of them we can keep all our dirty clothes until we go to wash it .  How about diy laundry bags?

I think it deserves to go directly to thicken our collection of ideas to decorate with racks I find it really useful. It does not occupy space because it can hang behind Of the door. It is comfortable because you do not need to open it every time you want to keep a garment, hygienic. Especially suitable for children because everyone can have their own individual bag. Cheap and above all easy to do and coordinate with our decoration. We only need an embroidery frame and a pillowcase. Then, we simply fasten the case to the ring; we pass a cord through the ring and hang it from a nice hanger.

When it is filled open the frame and we take the college laundry bags with its contents to the washing machine. You can also make your own bag with the fabric you like. For example matching the upholstery of the rest of the room. In that case cut a rectangle of cloth equal in width to the diameter of the frame. Fold it in half and sew the side and bottom. Top the hem with a hem and ready to hang. This display crown is also made with a frame. Although the picture appears with Christmas postcards. You can also use it for postcards of your travels, brochures, photographs or anything you like to have in view.

It is simply a matter of gluing to the hoop some wooden clips. Of which you have at home for the clothes or if the ring is small of those that they sell in miniature. You must be careful that the gaps are more or less the same. And the clips alternate inwards and outwards so that there is a balance composition. You hang it with the tape that you like and ready. When you get tired you can change the tape. The postcards and the place where you hung this college laundry bags

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