Cute Laundry Bags Baskets By Recycling Plastic Bags

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Micky Mouse Cute Laundry Bags

Cute laundry bags – If we want to save money and do not put the washing machine up and running every day, it is normal to accumulate the clothes we are wearing. The problem is when we do not know where to put these dirty clothes in a way that does not interfere with or interfere with the organization of our house. One of pretty useful ideas for keeping dirty clothes in places especially designed for that purpose is to use hanging cute laundry bags. With this type of bag we can hang the laundry, with the help of some hook that we have at home. We must be careful to wash this bag often.

Another idea to cute laundry bags idea is by using fabric. Using fabric, you can save your used clothes more compactly and still customize the colors according to your decor. Do not know how to sew? No problem. You just need a pillowcase and a frame number 25 or 30. That is starting by pull the larger part of the frame out of the pillowcase until it is halfway up. Next, on the inside of the pillowcase, insert the smaller frame into the larger one. This will secure the pillowcase. Insert any piece of fabric that is above the frame into the pillowcase. After that, attach the hook to the door and hang your new basket. The cool thing about this bag of dirty clothes is that it’s super simple to clean. Simply disassemble the frame and wash the pillowcase normally. Then just ride quickly again!

If you are extra creative, you can actually also make an excellent cute laundry bags from old plastic bags. It is even possible to make sandals. Limited only by imagination. The most important thing to do is to return the plastic bags for recycling when you no longer need them. It is important to do. So to prevent plastic bags and other waste from flowing in nature. For the instruction is, starting by cut the handles of the bag by its base. Cut longitudinal lines from the top of the bag to the base. Braid together the pieces of bags you have cut. Tight and still making more braids.

Next, when you have several braided bags, you can build the base. Start by rolling the first strip on yourself and you are making a tight circle. When you finish, attach it to the next strip by sewing it with the needle. And so on until you get to the size you want to make the bags basket. After that, to start making the cute laundry bags wall, sew the first strip to the base laterally. Add strips and reinforce them with the thread. It is important to secure the structure well with the thread. You can try as many combinations as you can think of. With colored threads, different designs and shapes, etc.

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