Finishing The Edges On Camper Outdoor Rugs

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Finishing The Edges On Camper Outdoor Rugs – Many people spend the summer at camp sites. This will be their second home. Adding a piece of carpet to the land area outside your camper making your campsite seems a bit more inviting for visiting guests. Place a rug outside your camper door gives people a place to dry off their shoes before entering the camper. This helps keep dirt out, where it belongs.

To finishing the edges on camper outdoor rugs the first measure around the edges of your piece of rugs to find out how much binding you need to. Purchase the appropriate amount of carpet binding tape. Stitch lengths if necessary or trimming to length of the linkage are too long. Use the utility knife to trim the edges of your carpet to remove any tearing. Cheap add the carpet, right side up, on the floor or outdoors unless you have a large enough space in the house. Start in the middle on one side of the rug.

Work a small area at a time; use the hot glue to the rug to finish the edges on camper outdoor rugs. Lay bond on top of hot glue, rough up the raw edges. Make sure to use plenty of glue to hold down bond. Continue to work around the edges of the rug. Trim the excess binding. Turn the rug over so that the back is facing up. Fold the tape over the edge, so that all raw edges are covered. Glue binding to the back of the carpet using the same method as previously.

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