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Laundry Bag With Strap Ideas

Laundry Bag With Strap – Laundry bags make convenient transportation boxes for apartment dwellers headed to Laundromats or college students returning home for the weekend. Instead of buying your laundry bags, make your own to save money and recycle the unused cloth and items in your home. With a few handmade supplies, you can make custom laundry bags for every member of your family. Transform old pillow cases that do not match your bedroom into attractive laundry bags. Recycle is the owner’s old cases in solid colors or bright and beautiful patterns. Or find cases for sale in garage sales and flea markets.

Cut a single long 2 inch slit in the center of one side of the pillowcase. Fold the material at the top of the box above and sew a hem around the bottom edge of the folded fabric to create a channel at the top of the pillowcase. Recycle a large size beach towel that you no longer have inside a laundry bag with strap to carry clean clothes to the beach or store dirty laundry in your bedroom. Fold the towel in half and sew the sides together with a 1-inch seam. Turn the towel inside out and make a 2-inch cut down the center of one of the lab bag lips. For a laundry bag that is easier to carry and offers a zip closure, create a laundry canvas bag.

Cut four pieces of rectangular fabric of dimensions in play. Sew the pieces together in pairs to double the thickness of the material and reinforce the bag for carrying heavier laundry loads. Align the two panels of fabric and sew together one long side of the fabric and the two ends short. Turn the laundry bag with strap upside down and sew a length of rack teeth on each side of the remaining opening. Create a carrying strap by doubling two strips of fabric into a comfortable strap length. Fold the edges of the fabric strap in the center of the fabric strip. And sew a seam in the middle to hold the material in place and create a durable, thick carrying strap.

Sew the strap on the canvas bag at the ends of the zipper teeth. Create your own dirty laundry bag with strap from two rectangular sections of unused crafting fabric. Cut the two pieces of material to measure the same size. And lay the pieces of fabric together with stamped or colored sides front. Sew a 1-inch seam around the edge of the fabric. Sewing two long sides and a short side of the two pieces of fabric.

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Large laundry bags with straps,

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