Make Lingerie Laundry Bag

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Unique Lingerie Laundry Bag

Lingerie laundry bag – Today will show to you an appropriate tutorial to implement these holidays. This bag is a very simple project, perfect for someone who is starting with the sewing. You only need two pieces of cloth in matching colors, mouse tail or cord and optionally feeling. It can even done without a sewing machine. Because it design is not to store something with weight. It is not necessary that the seams are super resistant. Do you fancy the idea? Materials you need: One, rectangle of cloth. Preferably of natural fibers if you are going to use the bag to store clothes. Can using linen.

Two, a rectal of a canvas that stands out. Three, fiselina or adhesive interlacing. If it is the ones that stick to the 2 faces better. Four, cord to close the bag. We start make lingerie laundry bag by cutting the main canvas rectangle. You can adapt the measures according to the use that you are going to give to the bag. We leave it aside (looks like a cooking recipe) and we get to prepare the applications. Can using interlacing of the glue for 2 faces, if you have, with normal is enough. We pass the drawing to the fabric, cut out the figures and sew them with a zig-zag stitch. For the drawing that simulates the rope, can using cross stitch thread.

But with embroidery thread. It is sew with hand with festoon stitch. Then with the machine sewn the other decorative lines. Always mark with chalk before sewing. Once the applications are finished, the lingerie laundry bag is folded with the good faces looking at each other and sewing the side seams. If you do not have a similar over lock or stitch in the normal machine, first sew with the normal straight stitch. And then finish the side with zig zag stitch. Before turning it, with the iron the upper hem is mark leaving about 5-6 cm.

Now, to finish the lingerie laundry bag and put the cord, two small rectangular pieces are placed. Before cutting them, it is better to iron the hems and once they are marked, the strip is cut. The strip place is coincident with the hem of the bag. And with the same seam we take advantage to hold the pink strip. And at the same time close the top of the bag. The second seam is pass and the only thing left is to pass the string, this can using a mouse tail. If the cord cut in 2 sections, the bag is more comfortable to close and looks prettier. Bag ready for brand new. What has no complication at all?

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