Mid Century Modern Rugs In The World

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Mid century modern rugs – Carpets are one of the biggest party accessories that you can take at home. They have multiple depending on where and how put effects. In addition, shapes or colors that have created a type of environment or another. Besides giving new life to your home and dress the most special corners of the house, they transport us to exotic places, and help us to travel without having to leave the room.

Indian mid century modern rugs workshops flourished in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Indian carpets are characterized by their great color and design, although I inherited the Persian, it is totally different asymmetrically distributed. As for decoration, not too elaborate floral motifs are preferred. The most popular is known as Kashmir. Turkish carpets are also called Anatolia. The oldest originated in the twelfth century and can be found in the city of Konya that was long Turkish carpet manufacturing center.

The Persian mid century modern rugs, it is an essential element of Persian culture, whose clothing has become an art. The luxury carpets are associated form a striking contrast to its modest beginnings among the nomadic tribes of Persia. The carpet was a necessary step to protect the harsh winter well. The craftsmen used the insects, plants, roots, bark and other subjects as inspiration.

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