Mohawk Carpet Tile Design

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Mohawk carpet tile-It used to be difficult to install new carpet in your home. Handling of large, heavy rolls of carpet, cutting and positioning bulky materials, then stretching and tacking down properly was a big job. Today’s mohawk carpet tile makes the job much easier. Remove old carpet, if present, from the floor and throw, along with any carpet anti-tacking strips. Sweep, vacuum and mop the floor to remove all debris. Let the floor dry completely. Insert a pin halfway into the floor in the corner at each end of a wall. Attach the free end of a chalk line for a drawing pin, stretch the line to the opposite diagonal corner, and then snap the string to leave a line of chalk. Repeat chalk line process with the help of other staples like an anchor.

Measure one wall and the opposite wall with a tape measure. Divide the total number of inches by 2 to find the center and partially insert a pin to mark the location. Measure the remaining two walls and mark the center. Using the chalk line, snap chalk marks from my thumbtacks of opposite walls. Remove all staples. Identify the direction of the carpet nap by locating the arrows on the back of each mohawk carpet tile. Start at the point where the chalk lines cross and put a tray at a time along one of the center lines up against the wall, keeping the arrows pointed in the same direction. Lay another line of carpet tiles, starting from the original tiles, and the next nearest wall. Continue to fill in a quarter of the room with carpet tiles before proceeding to the next quadrant.

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