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Narrow Laundry Hamper Black

Narrow laundry hamper – If you like to have the house clean, tidy and decorated, then we invite you to do this step by step to manufacture a practical and decorative laundry basket. It never hurts to have at home an organizer basket, especially a large one, in which we can store the clothes for washing. Today I will show you a beautiful and easy idea to make a laundry basket that. In addition to being warm, decorative and resistant, is also very useful, since we will use the right measure. I.e when filling the basket means that we have a complete washing. Are you excited about this project? Then get to work!

Start by winding the end of the string with a string (to remove the fringes). And stick it with a drop of silicone. Then put a few drops of silicone on this first segment of the string. And then fold the end on itself to stick it. Continue placing silicone on the rope. And winding it on itself to form a spiral. The silicone dries very fast, in about five seconds. So it is advisable to apply it on a short piece of rope. Roll it up and press it against the table or floor so that the base of the narrow laundry hamper is as flat as possible.

Keep sticking the rope and rolling it up to 17 turns. You can do it wider if you wish. But keep in mind that at the end you will be a little lower in height. When you get to lap 17, put some silicone on the end of the round base and begin. To glue the rope over to start making the sides. Continue winding up, taking into account that you should always stick the rope exactly above the rope of the previous lap. When the rope is about to be finished, roll and glue the other end, forming a spiral, as in the second step. Finish attaching the rope with the spiral end on the side of the basket.

Ready! You already have a nice basket, perfect for dirty clothes that you can leave on the washing machine without fear of scratching. Or you can also place it in the bedroom or bathroom to keep order in the house. And if you already have a narrow laundry hamper for washing and you liked this idea. You can make one just like to organize the toys or give it the use that you want. Because it is very resistant and is very decorative.

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