Navy Blue Indoor Rug For Nautical Decor

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Navy Blue Indoor Rug Pattern

Navy blue indoor rug – Choose high-quality home decor items because a classic nautical look will never go out of style. Set the stage for nautical decor with a neutral color palette. Paint the walls a soft taupe or creamy ecru shade that will accent the bold blue and red nautical-inspired colors. Improve a living room with furniture and offers fresh, white upholstery. Cover a bed with a white duvet and hang matching curtains.

Add a touch of red, blue and gold decor. Hang a red wallpaper border featuring gold anchor patterns. Improve a white sofa with navy blue decorative pillows and a coordinating navy blue indoor rug. Decorate with vintage wood maritime-inspired elements. Use an antique captain chest as a creative coffee table. Stack a pile of vintage leather suitcases offers ship labels such as a nightstand. Set out comfortable woven seagrass chairs for lounging on the porch or sunroom.

Decorate with natural, sea-inspired window and floor coverings. Install bamboo blinds for a casual look; blinds will allow Filtered sunlight to stream in a room. Use tires hardwood or tile floors with seagrass navy blue indoor rug. Place a high lamp with a red, white or blue hue and a bamboo base next to a reading chair.

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