Place A Large Area Rug

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Extra Large Area Rugs For Living Room

large area rug – Wall to wall carpet, is attached to the floor, bound in strips along the perimeter of the room, and the center and other high-traffic areas usually do wear out eventually. You can replace the worn carpets, or you can place a large area rug over a worn wall to wall carpet to hide the worn areas. Place a carpet pad designed for use on the carpet within the area rug to prevent movement and wrinkling of the area rug in use,

Target space and the worn portion of the carpet. Decide whether to center or offset blanket, and determine the size and shape of large area rug that best suit space to be covered.  Buy a rug pad that is designed specifically for use over carpets to fit under the rug, such Teebaud or No Muv. The carpet pad should be 1 to 3 inches less than the area rug. Trim the carpet pad with scissors if necessary.

Move all furniture from the room and thoroughly vacuum the carpet.  Carpet is down over the worn carpet. Drag the edge of the pad to remove wrinkles.  Add the large area rug over carpet pad. Drag the edge of the carpet to remove the wrinkles.  Dispose of furniture for the room and arrange as desired.

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