Do You Have Questions About Outdoor Sisal Rug

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Outdoor sisal rug – have gained great importance in terms of home decoration in recent years. Made from a natural material, they are ideal in rustic and colonial environments, although most have many doubts. It seems that many of those who have bought them think they are difficult to maintain, and very difficult to clean. We give some guidelines.

For starters, if you decide on an outdoor sisal rug neither choose a place that is not very busy to prevent staining of footprints, beverages, food … nor are best choice for common areas such as hallways or entrance of house. However, they may be ideal in a reading area, a library … but may well still dirty. What to do then? Main thing is to act quickly before stain from penetrating fibers. If you spilled a drink, after removing remains with a cloth it is best to use a product of dry cleaning and rub with a brush. If you do not have these products at home you can try traditional method: brush with water, mild detergent and a little ammonia.

If it comes to other more fatty foods like sauces, oil, butter … a good idea to throw over an absorbent substance that can be talcum powder, salt or flour, depending on what you have at hand. Then you’ll have to clean outdoor sisal rug following directions above, and have a little patience until dry. Just remember that you should suck on a daily basis.

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