Round Vs. Square Zebra Area Rug

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Popular Zebra Area Rug

Zebra area rug – zebra area rug add interest, comfort, versatility and sometimes fun to your floors. As you look at the design and color choices, think about using an unusual form, such as a circle or square to create unexpected consequences. For a rug under a dining table, all chair legs remain on the carpet with chairs pulled out from the table. If the table is round, a rectangular area rug creates an interesting contrast, while a round rug under a round table will create a harmonious look. To determine the size of a rug under a dining table. Add 4 meters of diameter or 4 meters of length and width.

Location zebra area rug, if you want to place large plants or triangular pieces of furniture in the corners of a room, so a round rug will create perfect space to highlight these elements. Otherwise, a round rug leave uneven floor shapes with minimal functionality.  For variety, you can place a square blanket at a 45 degree angle to create corners for plants and triangular elements.

Versatility, Children can also move and abut square blankets together to create a large play space. Playful designs will encourage creative use of either form of carpet. Room Shape, A square blanket would work well with the living room furniture, while a round rug can fit a round dining table. Sofa and chair leg can rest completely on a rectangular carpet, partly on and off, or completely out of a square blanket. Harmonization round zebra area rug under the dining table could provide a unifying element while black.

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