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Small Laundry Hamper Teak

Small Laundry Hamper – There is no need to spend that job sorting clothes as I show in the ideas above as this small laundry hamper has 3 divisions. Which will help the clothes to classify by color tones, whether dark, clear or colored. This basket is made with a panel of lattices, which is commonly used to decorate the exterior of the home. Using this panel in the basket will allow dirty clothes to not get a worse smell when being in a more closed place. We will take the measurements of the lattices panel by making 2 equal cuts of 48 “wide and 30” high. And 2 equal cuts of 13¼ “wide and 30” high.

It should be noted that the part where the cut will be made will be the bottom of the small laundry hamper. That is, the top and the sides will be the edge that already brings the panel of lattices. We cut 2 × 2 wooden sticks with the following measures: (4) from 48 “- (4) from 30” – (4) from 11 “. We make holes in the ends to the sticks of 48 “. Then we begin to create the picture of the laundry basket. We take measurements of where we want to place the divisions of the laundry basket. Then we will cut two pieces of the wooden panel of 13¼ that will be the width and 30 “of height.

At each of the corners, we will make an L-shaped cut of 1½ x 1½. In the wooden pole where the division will be placed. T hey will realize a small depth of ¾ so that we can insert the wood panel for the division. We will place the frame of the wooden small laundry hamper on the wooden panel and with the help of a pencil. We will mark that panel which will be the bottom base of the basket. In this way, we will be sure of the exact measurement that must be the bottom. In the next ideas, I show you how the box in the small laundry hamper is. Ready to start painting the desired color. So our laundry basket is left.

I always used to have several small laundry hamper all over the house and every now. And then I had to be buying new ones because they broke easily. That’s why I decided to do it this way to last a long time. Now the time to wash the clothes will be much more organized since we can see which clothes have the necessary amount to wash. This will save a lot of time and money on washing. Especially if we use a detergent to help us leave the clothes completely clean and smelling.

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