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Stacked laundry center – An important advantage is that you can program in a single run and just remove these clothes to be fold. It is important to consider buying a good machine because depending on the brand, it will be the duration of the same if you buy a good machines you will not have problems even if both are on the same machine. The independent dryer has certain advantages, you can dry one thing while you are washing another, they usually have more capacity (the drum is bigger) and in some models the performance is superior. On the other hand, the advantages of the washer-dryer would be: less space, something cheaper and the possibility to wash. And dry with a single program (you put the clothes. Then, choose program and you forget until the time to remove the dry clothes) .

It is also important to consider that there are certain types of clothing that simply cannot fit into these types of dryers. That has to be put on the label to always anticipate some dissatisfaction. The most problematic pieces, or are “very synthetics”. Or with “bad impressions” (the typical pajamas / sweatshirt / t-shirt with a plastic doll “Stuck” rather than stamped) or too delicate (eye to silks, lace and so on).

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Stacked laundry center dryers depending on the time and temperature you put and also depends on the type of garment. If it is a cowboy or a very fat sweatshirt. And you put little time sure that some parts will come wet. Of course, if the laundry is “mixed”. Such as shirts, socks, towels … some things are going to stay dry and some wet. In those cases it is better to put the time necessary for the small pieces. To remove them when they are dry and to follow another time with the big ones. Do not forget that a good spin does half the drying work.

If you cannot use the dryer much better. It’s a pretty high expense for something you can do for free. For example, now in winter you will surely have the house warm with the heating. Find a clothesline of that foldable that is not very big and tends the clothes in the house. If the centrifuges are sure to drip. And you can almost anywhere (it will also give moisture to the environment, which always dry with heating). Finally, no matter what the dryer (with stacked laundry center or not), most of the breakdowns are cause by not cleaning the filter. That is fundamental, so do not forget. Among other things because first you will have worse results in drying and then you will have breakdown insurance.

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