Tile To Carpet Transition Ideas

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Amusing Tile To Carpet Transition

 Tile to carpet transition – Transfers between the carpet and tile is the last step of any Tiling projects. The project is finished off for good. When you fill in a tiling project yourself. It is important to remember to roll the mat away from tiling area instead of cutting it to where you think the tiles could stop. After the tile installation is complete, the carpet is roll back across the tile area. And the edge of the plate can be use as a cutting guide. So the carpet is cut exactly where it needs to be lower.

Roll the mat back from the edge tiles. Install tack strips 1/2 inch away from the edge of the plate by hammering the nail pre-install in the floor. Roll the mat back over the tack strips and press the carpet over the spikes so the mat will stay in place. Place a metal or a finished piece of wood transition band for tile to carpet transition area. If you need to, cut transition strip to the correct width.

Add the tile to carpet transition strip over the transition area so that the edge of the strip that angles downward sitting on the carpet side of the transition. Be sure a nail or screw holes are orient across the carpet.  Nail transition metal strip down to the floor with a hammer and nails pleated. Wood screw release tape down to the floor with screws and an electric drill.

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Carpet to tile transition ideas,

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