Tuscan Rugs: Simplicity Is Their Character

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Long Tuscan Rugs

Tuscan rugs – is characterized by its rustic warmth, and this can be achieved with some key details such as certain colors. Color palette is nothing pretentious, is inspired by earthy colors of famous Tuscan landscape. Orange boiler, olive green and cyan are important to look for when selecting fabrics for room Tuscan-inspired reflections.

Simplicity is another key value, especially when it comes to furniture, which will have to choose thinking in space. In a Tuscan house there is no room for bulky armchairs: This is balance, choose furniture that complements a room without master. Furniture made of iron and solid wood, leather and marble accents are perfect. Hard surfaces can be smoothed with cushions and carpets. Tiled floor can be a relief is a Mediterranean country like Italy, but those who are decorating a house in a colder climate can add warmth covering it with antique rugs in traditional Tuscan rugs colors. They have to avoid carpets in one color: instead choose one with a traditional intricate pattern.

Tuscany has among its children to some of most famous artists in history as Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, so it is logical that art is a major component of Tuscan rugs design. Mosaics and illusions are perfect finishing touch for any Italian room. A true picture of Renaissance may leave too expensive, but region is full of talented performers waiting to be discovered.

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