Update Large Shag Area Rugs

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Nice Large Shag Area Rugs

Large shag area rugs – First, vacuum often to raise the carpet pile. Fibers are crushed by daily walks as well as dirt and grease that is the foundation of the fibers. Second, shampoo carpets (preferably a professional) with warm water to remove dirt and body oils and to restore the carpet fibers to their original plushness. Do this every 1-2 years to extend the life of your carpet. Third, sweep with a brush. This will gives “full” look again for the carpet.

Fluff up the pile of a large shag area rugs rake. Fifth, turn on the iron and take a screwdriver for small areas. Steam carpet with iron. Use the screwdriver to gently pull stack up to a standing position while the fibers are still hot and humid. This trick is useful if something heavy has crushed carpet down. Sixth, clean all spills immediately. When the liquid remaining on the carpet (even water) it will weigh the fabric down, and may cause carpets.

Blot the spill, remove as much excess liquid as possible. Then, after a suitable cleaning spills, clean the carpet. Dry carpet and let air dry before using any of the above methods to ensure that the carpet pile is pulled back in the upright position. Last, change furniture around to keep it from crushing the same spot on the large shag area rugs for months or years. This allows the pile to breathe and recover from the weight.

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