White Corner Desk With Drawers Ideas

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White Corner Desk With Drawers Design

White corner desk with drawers – You can build a table desk with drawers to create a stable, reliable and efficient workplace. By building your own table, you can save money and create a desktop that suits your needs. In addition, if repairs are ever needed, because you built desktop from scratch, the determination should be relatively simple. Materials for the desktop can be purchased from any home improvement store and a single day’s work; you can have a new desktop that fits your needs and budget.

Build a white corner desk with drawers, cut two large sheets of oak, pine, cherry or other hardwood you prefer.  Cut four 4-by-4 pieces of wood to 3 meters high. These boards will act as legs of the table. Drill two holes with a 1/8 inch drill with a distance of one inch from the corner on each side of the table. Place the 4-by-4 so that the edges of the 4-by-4 lines up with the edges of the table. Use your pre-drilled holes, drill two 1/4-inch screws through the desktop and into the 4-by-4. Complete this process for all four sides.

Build a white corner desk with drawers, Place the other big board you created in step 1 on the floor and then place the assembled table with legs on top of the board so that the legs sticking straight up in the air. Place a 3-inch metal screw every two meters along the bottom half of the table. This secures the two large sheets together and hides the peaks screws you created when you put your legs on. Sand the entire table with a 250-grit fine sandpaper to smooth out the table. If you have a power sander, you should use it to save time.

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