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Wood Laundry Basket Sorter

Wood Laundry Basket – Dirty laundry causes a disaster in many homes. Baskets and baskets overflow and add to the clutter even if you try to stay on top of the mountain laundry. Alternatively, consider building baskets in cabinets in your laundry room, room Bathroom or linen closet. Built-in shelves do not do the laundry for you, but at least, dirty clothes are hidden behind closed doors. Measure your cabinet. Choose a single-door closet with sturdy sides. Make sure the 20-inch drawer slides fit into your cabinet, allowing 1 1/2 inches for the front and back of your basket, making sure that. The slides are neither unusually deep nor shallow.

Check the depth of your cabinet, height, and width. Stress 1 3/4 inches of height measurement in framing your plans wood laundry basket. This allows for some space for movement. Plan 1 inch less than the width of the total cabinet for the base panels, front and back of your dirty clothes. Please note the height, width and depth measurements for your particular clothes hamper cabinet. Remove the shelves and brackets from your cabinet. Be careful not to damage the sides or bottom of the cabinet hinder clothing. Remove the door by loosening the hinges and reserving. Cut two plywood panels to their desired height and width measures.

Cut two panels to measure the height by measuring the depth. Trim a panel from the base 20 inches by the required width. Cut these panels on your own Home or have your local home improvement center do the cuts for you. Assemble the four side pieces into a single box, with the two sides fit inside the front and back pieces. Apply the wood glue along each seam and then fasten with wood screws at regular intervals. Allow drying. Glue and screw the base of the carton into place. Mark the position of the drawer slides inside the cabinet and screw in place. Slide the corresponding slide into position on the sides of your wood laundry basket. Slip your dirty laundry into place.

Put a laundry bag with drawstring in the basket and pull tight to keep it in place. Screw the closet door in its place to complete your closet clothes cramp. Buy a clothes nest hinder kit to streamline this process. Make a low drawer instead of a tall basket to hold a basket to buy, if you prefer. If you are making a particularly high wood laundry basket, consider adding a second set of drawer slides, carefully leveled. Different materials may also be used for the handle. A wooden handle is rigid and strong and should be suitable for the needs that your design presents and the use that you are going to give to the basket.

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