Create Round Wooden Laundry Basket Lid

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21” Wooden Laundry Basket

Wooden laundry basket – Your laundry or laundry room, as well as your own room. Can be transformed immediately, from a messy room full of clothes, into a very organized space with just the simple design of furniture rack. You can do it by recycling the wood or furniture without use. So, you can bring / bring each basket to your respective room, and fold and put clothes without wasting time organizing it. You can put clothes of different colors. So you do not have to select every time you have to wash and take it directly to the washing machine in your basket. For any busy home, this is a must.

When decorating a laundry, it is very important to incorporate products that are part of the tradition that can fulfill various tasks, such as in the wooden laundry basket. Find out how to customize it and make it unique and let yourself inspired. Every time you want a container that can give you personality to the environment inside which you can put in a variety of products, ranging from those to the food to the bathroom or the kitchen, think of the wooden basket. It is an accessory that makes you think of rural landscapes.

Which is part of the traditional tradition? So, to create round wooden laundry basket lid is, Mark the center of the wood. In this case it is a piece of plywood forty by 40 centimeters and 12 millimeters thick. Now, with the circular cutter component, take a small hammer. And then open a small hole in the center you had marked. Place the router in the hole you already made, keep it stable and someone else slowly turns the piece of wood. Take a piece of plywood four millimeters thick to make part of the basket.

But this must after measuring the perimeter of the wood that has been cut with the router. Soak in warm water the piece of round wooden laundry basket lid you have already cut. Now, it is much easier to bend, and give it the circular shape you want. Sand all surfaces so that it is firmly against the wood that has already bent on top the circular wood. Insert a screw, so as not to lose the alignment of the wood. Then, put one nail every seven inches and one screw every twenty-five centimeters. Putty of nail holes and sand again. Paint the first coat and let it dry thoroughly.Minimalist laundry basket,

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